Hartford Public Schools

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Dirk Derrick Car and Truck Accident Scholarship Deadline 12/20/20 $1,000
Fred and Lena MEIJER Scholarship Deadline 3/1/19 $4,000-$10,000
Michiana Two-Cylinder Club Scholarship Deadline 3/31/19 $1,000
United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship  Deadline 1/11/19 $1,000
Michigan American Legion Scholarships Deadline 1/14/19 Varies
US JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Application Deadline 1/22/21 $1000
Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award Deadline 1/31/21 $5,000
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Deadline 2/1/20 4 year tuition to the school of your choice
We The People Essay Contest and Scholarship Deadline 2/14/19 $5000
Cesar Chavez and Futuros Dineres Scholarship  Deadline 2/7/20 2 awards, amount Varies (See Mr. Ward for application and details)
Alzheimer's disease Foundation of America Scholarship Deadline 2/15/21  
WMU Bronco Gold Mine Deadline 2/15/19 Varies
Student Scholarship for Educators Deadline 2/27/19 $2000
KVCC Merit Scholarship  Deadline 3/1/21  
VBCASB Scholarship Deadline 3/31/21 $500 (Applications available in the Guidance Office
Arthur and Bonna Vanderlyn Scholarship Deadline 3/6/20 $3000 yearly
Lakeland HealthCare Watervliet Auxiliary Scholarship Deadline 3/15/20 (2) $2,000 She Mrs. Trapp for applications
Michigan Retailers Association Scholarship Deadline 4/15/19 Varies
Lane Automotive Scholarship Deadline 4/29/19 $1000
The Michigan Scholarship (The Ave Maria Foundation) Ongoing $7,000 yearly ($3,500 per semester)Marine Corps 
Marine Corps NROTC Scholarship Ongoing
Varies (Information available in the Counseling Office)
LMC Scholarship Opportunities Ongoing
MI Student Aid Scholarships  Varies
College Board Scholarships  Varies
The Best Scholarships in Michigan Varies
Local Scholarships for Hartford High School Students
The following scholarships are available for graduating Hartford High School Seniors
  • Hartford Public Schools Foundation Scholarships
  • Art and Bonna Vanderlyn Scholarship Due March 26, 2021
  • Hartford Lions Club Scholarship 
  • Hartford Public Schools Myers Scholarship
  • Fred R. Ward Memorial Scholarship
  • Hartford Public Schools Eagan Scholarship
  • John Scherer Memorial Scholarship
  • Pokagon Scholarship
  • Mark Olds Memorial Scholarship
*Students will be notified when applications are available.