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Annual Notice


Central Office

115 School Street

Hartford, MI  49057

Phone: 269-621-7000 / Fax: 269-621-3887


High School

121 School Street

Hartford, MI  49057

Phone: 269-621-7100

Fax: 269-621-7160

Middle School

141 School Street

Hartford, MI  49057

Phone: 269-621-7200

Fax: 269-621-7260

Redwood Elementary

395 Woodside Drive

Hartford, MI  49057

Phone: 269-621-7300

Fax: 269-621-7360

Alternative Education

115 School Street

Hartford, MI  49057

Phone: 269-621-7143

Fax: 269-621-3887



Hartford Public Schools 2022 - 2023 Annual Notices

School districts are required by federal and state laws and regulations to provide annual notices to parents and guardians, as well as students and employees in some cases. These required notifications cover topics ranging from access to student records to staff qualifications and pesticide applications.

Section 504/ADA Compliance Officers

Lynn Buchkowski is our district's Section 504/ADA Compliance Officer. Ms. Buchkowski may be reached at (621-7144).

Homeless Liaison

Elizabeth Campbell is our homeless liaison. She may be reached at (621-7311). 

Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinators 

Christine Quist and Nick Blackmer are our district’s Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinators. Ms. Quist, Address: 395 Woodside Drive, Hartford, MI 49057, Phone: 621-7301, Email: [email protected] and Mr. Blackmer, Address: 121 School Street, Hartford, MI 49057, Phone: 621-7101, Email: [email protected]

Equal Opportunity Employer 

The Hartford Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, disability, height, weight, or marital status, or any other legally protected characteristic in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities. Please contact Brad Geesaman, Superintendent, 115 School Street, Hartford, MI 49057, (621-7000), with inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies. 

Equal Educational Opportunity 

The Hartford Board of Education declares it to be the policy of this District to provide an equal opportunity for all students, regardless of race, color, creed, disability, religion, gender, ancestry, national origin, place of residence within the boundaries of the District, or social or economic background to learn through the curriculum offered in this District. 

Directory Information on Students 

Each student’s record is kept in a confidential file located at the office in the building in which the student attends. The information in a student’s record is available for review only by the parents or legal guardian of the student, an adult student (eighteen (18) years of age or older), and those designated by federal law or district regulations. 

A parent, guardian, or adult student has the right to request a change or addition to a student’s records and to either obtain a hearing with District officials or file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Education if not satisfied with the records or with the District’s compliance with the Federal Rights and Privacy Act.

A parent, guardian, or adult student has the following rights:

  1. Inspect and review the student’s education records;
  2. Request amendments if the parent believes the record is inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of student’s rights;
  3. Consent to disclosure of personally-identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to those disclosure allowed by law;
  4. Challenge District noncompliance with a parent’s request to amend the records through a hearing;
  5. File a complaint with the Department of Education; 
  6. Obtain a copy of the District’s policy and administrative guidelines on student records. 

The following information about each student is considered “directory information” and will be made available upon a legitimate request unless a parent, guardian, or adult student notifies the Record Control Office in writing within ten days from the date of this notification that she/he will not permit distribution of any or all of such information: name, address and telephone number; date and place of birth; photograph; major field of study; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; height and weight, if a member of an athletic team; dates of attendance; date of graduation and awards received; and any other information the district considers would not be harmful or an invasion of privacy, if disclosed. 

If you have any questions regarding school records, please contact the building principal.

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) 

PPRA governs the administration to students of a survey, analysis, or evaluation to students that relates to one or more of the following eight protected areas: 

  • political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student's parent;
  • mental or psychological problems of the student or the student's family;  
  • sexual behavior or attitudes;
  • illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
  • critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships;
  • legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians and ministers;
  • religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student's parent;
  • or income (other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under such program). 

Local school districts must provide parents and students effective notice of the following rights under PPRA:

  • right of parents to inspect, upon request, a survey created by a third party; 
  • arrangements to protect student privacy; 
  • right of parents to inspect, upon request, any instructional material; 
  • administration of physical examinations or screenings that the school may administer to students; collection, disclosure, or use of personal information;
  • right of parent to inspect, upon request, any instrument used in the collection of personal information;
  • local school districts must offer an opportunity for parents to opt their child out of participating; and 
  • these rights transfer to the student when he or she turns 18 years of age or enters a post-secondary educational institution at any age ("eligible student").

Registration for Selective Service

Federal law requires all male students aged eighteen (18) or older to register for the selective service. 

 The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002 requires school districts to:

  • give military recruiters the same access to secondary school students as provided to postsecondary institutions or to prospective employers;
  • provide students' names, addresses, and telephone listings to military recruiters, when requested, unless a parent has opted out of providing such information.

Severe or Inclement Weather Procedures.

In the event of severe or inclement weather, the following procedures will be followed:  

Tornado Related Procedures

If a tornado watch (potentially severe conditions exist) is issued by the Weather Bureau or Civil Defense Authorities, students will remain at school for the remainder of the normal school day. Administrators, or designees, shall watch for severe weather in the local area. If imminent severe weather exists, students will be instructed to take cover according to established procedures that utilize the safest shelters possible.

If a tornado warning (an actual tornado has been sighted) is issued by the Weather Bureau or Civil Defense Authorities, students will be instructed to take cover according to established procedures that utilize the safest shelters available.

After-school activities, including the use of facilities by outside groups, will automatically be canceled in the event a tornado watch or warning extends into the late afternoon or evening hours.

Non-Tornado Related Conditions 

In the event severe weather or other emergency occurs while school or school activities are not in session, the Superintendent may cancel or postpone school or school activities. Appropriate media shall be notified according to established procedures for communicating such action. 

If school is in session when a severe snowstorm or other emergency is imminent or in progress, students may be systematically dismissed according to established procedures when transportation can be provided if local conditions. Dismissal shall occur according to the usual sequence of buildings. Students that are not transported shall be dismissed at the same time students that are transported by school vehicles are dismissed. Appropriate media is notified for communicating such action.

When school has been canceled for the day due to conditions other than tornado watches or warnings, the Superintendent may determine the advisability of holding school activities such as practices or evening events as conditions evolve during the day. 

Student Retrieval During Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency when students are required to either evacuate buildings or take shelter in place, it is important that parents do not come to school to retrieve children until advised by administration via media coverage to do so. Hartford Public Schools has developed appropriate plans to protect your child and we will work diligently to keep your child safe and secure. Your cooperation is a key component to the success of maintaining an orderly and safe environment for all students. In the event of an emergency, please tune in to the following television and radio stations to receive up to the minute information about an emergency situation:  

  • WWMT - Channel 3  
  • WOOD-TV - Channel 8  
  • Fox 17 News - Channel 17
  • WSJM - AM Radio 1400
  • WCXT - FM Radio 98.3 The Coast

Electronic Surveillance 

Electronic surveillance, both video and motion detection, is used on the premises of HPS.

Drug-Free Schools. 

In accordance with federal law, the Board of Education prohibits the use, possession, concealment, or distribution of drugs by students on school grounds, in school or school-approved vehicles, or at any school-related event. Drugs include any alcoholic beverage, anabolic steroid, dangerous controlled substance as defined by State statute, or substance that could be considered a “look-a-like” controlled substance. Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all students. Any student who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with due process and as specified in the student handbooks, up to and including expulsion from school. When required by State law, the district will also notify law enforcement officials.  

We are concerned about any student who is a victim of alcohol or drug abuse and will facilitate the process by which she/he receives help through programs and services available in the community. Students and their parents should contact the principals, counselor, or social worker whenever such help is needed.

Health and Reproductive Education. 

The Board of Education has adopted a comprehensive health education program that includes education on human sexuality and venereal and other non-casual contact communication diseases such as AIDS. It is designed to provide an appropriate means for students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to maintain good health. 

In compliance with state law and with its desire to maintain effective communication with parents and the community, the board has made arrangements for the programs and instructional materials to be available for review by any parent or interested member of this community.  

Students are required to participate in these courses, but the law allows parents the right to have a child excused from participating in classes that include instruction in sex education, reproductive health, and AIDS education. The Board’s policy is to honor parents’ written request that their child be excused from certain classes in any course. 

Please contact the building principal if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter. 

Bloodborne Pathogens

The District is subject to regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to restrict the spread of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) in the workplace. These regulations are designed to protect employees of the District who are, or could be, exposed to blood or other contaminated bodily fluids while performing their job duties. 

Because of the very serious consequences of contracting HBV or HIV, the district is committed to taking the necessary precautions to protect both students and staff from its spread in the school environment. 

Part of the federally mandated procedures include a requirement that the district request the person who was bleeding to consent to be tested for HBV and HIV. This information would then be provided both to the exposed employee and the treating physician to determine proper medical treatment. 

The law does not require parents or guardians to grant permission from the examination of their child’s blood, but it does require the district to request that consent. Although we expect the incidents of exposure will be few, we want to notify parents of these requirements ahead of time. That way, if the situation does develop you will understand the reason for our request and will have had an opportunity to consider it in advance. These are serious diseases, and we sincerely hope that through proper precautions and cooperation we can prevent them from spreading. 

Free Breakfast and Lunch

Hartford Public Schools participants in the Federal School Lunch Program. All students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch. A letter regarding the Federal School Lunch Program and a Household Application Survey will be sent home with each student on the first day of school. 

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) 

Under Section 313 Community Right-to-Know Act, Material Safety Data Sheets are available for your viewing.

Search and Seizure 

School authorities are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the safety and well-being of the students in their care. In the discharge of that responsibility, in all situations in which the student is under the jurisdiction of the board, the school authorities may search the person or property (lockers and vehicles) of a student, with or without the student’s consent, whenever they have individualized, reasonable suspicion that the search is required to discover evidence of a violation of law or of school rules.

Right to Inspect Instructional Materials

A parent, guardian, or adult student may review instructional materials such as textbooks, library books, reference works, and other instructional aids used in the district. Please contact the building principal for requests, suggestions, or complaints regarding instructional materials.

Asbestos Information

Several years ago, Hartford Public Schools contracted to remove nearly all asbestos material in our buildings. Asbestos in public areas was removed. Some asbestos in non-public areas was treated and secured rather than being removed in accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act (AHERA). Hartford Public Schools completes six-month inspections of all facilities. The following is an update: “Hartford Public Schools contracted for a three-year Asbestos Re-Inspection Management Plan as required by the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). The re-inspection was completed in July 2019. This three-year Asbestos Re-Inspection Management Plan is currently available for review in all school offices in the district.” 

*Management Plan contains information regarding the location of asbestos-containing materials in school buildings, the condition of the asbestos, and a plan for dealing with any remaining asbestos. The following activities relating to asbestos are currently planned for the district: None


A re-inspection of all district buildings is required by law every three years. Our next re-inspection is tentatively scheduled to be completed by July 2022. 

Notification of Pesticide Applications

State of Michigan law requires that schools and daycare centers that may apply pesticides on school or daycare property must provide an annual advisory to parents or guardians of students attending the facility. 

Please be advised that Hartford Public Schools utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control pests. IPM is a pest management system that utilizes all suitable techniques in a total pest management system with the intent of preventing pests from reaching unacceptable levels or reducing an existing population to an acceptable level. Pest management techniques emphasize sanitation, pest exclusion, and biological controls. One of the objectives of using an IPM approach is to reduce or eliminate the need for chemical applications of pesticides. However, certain situations may require the need for pesticides to be utilized. 

As required by State of Michigan law, you will receive advance notice regarding the non-emergency application of a pesticide such as an insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide, other than a bait or gel formulation, that is made to the school or daycare grounds or buildings during this school year. In certain emergencies, such as an infestation of stinging insects, pesticides may be applied without prior notice to prevent injury to students, but you will be notified following any such application. 

Advance notification of pesticide application, other than a bait or gel formulation, will be given by at least 2 methods. The first method will be by posting at the main entrance to the school. The second method will be by posting on the school’s website. 

Please be advised that parents or guardians of children attending the school are entitled to receive the advance notice of a pesticide application, other than a bait or gel formulation, by first-class United States mail postmarked at least 3 days before the pesticide application, if they so request. If you prefer to receive the notification by first class mail, please complete the attached form and return it to our office. 

Please be advised that parents or guardians of children attending the school may review the school’s Integrated Pest Management program and records of any pesticide application upon request. Contact Marc Clauser at Hartford Public Schools for more questions (621-7250).

Pesticide Prior Notification Request






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