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Superintendent's Message

Dear Hartford Public Schools Families,

At Hartford Public Schools we are pleased to have our students engaged with in-person learning once again this semester.  Teachers, staff, administrators, and parents worked very hard to ensure that all students had the tools and support they needed to succeed by offering extended learning opportunities and credit recovery throughout the summer.  Our teams worked tirelessly to promote learning, prepare buildings and grounds, prepare for meals, and for the return of students.  This effort is what made such a solid foundation for the academic year.  We thank everyone for a great start.

As the semester progresses, we are counting on everyone’s help to continue the learning that is taking place.  Covid has certainly brought some barriers, but our learning community has worked diligently to ensure that the academic environment prevails.  We appreciate the important role that families play in student learning.  Families have continued to monitor student wellness, keep sick students home, and report any covid related health issues.  Families are our partners in student success, and we thank them for this important role.

We may find other barriers that have to be addressed as the year continues, but we will succeed as a learning community.  Hartford Public Schools, the families, and the community will remain dedicated to providing a safe learning environment for all students.

Thank you for your continued support,



Hartford Public Schools