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Employment Opportunities » Full Time Bus Driver

Full Time Bus Driver

Full Time Bus Driver
Hartford Public Schools
SALARY: Probation Period (90 days): $17.93

Step 1: $18.43

BENEFITS: Single-subscriber health insurance is available.
Participation in the Office of Retirement Services is available with a pension plan offered.
Each driver is entitled to 8 sick days and 3 personal days per year.
Each driver will receive 2.5 days of regular pay in addition to their regular pay in the last paycheck
immediately following the winter holiday break.
All bus drivers, not including sub-bus drivers, will be eligible to receive the following one-time off-scheduled stipend for the 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 school year. $500 at Christmas Break and $500 at
the end of the school year if they maintain employment at Hartford Public Schools. The bonus is subject
to regular state and federal withholdings.
Contact Jordan Parker
Phone: 269-621-7000
Fax: 269-621-3887
115 School Street, Hartford, MI 49057